Other Fees and Charges

Account Closing Fee
(If closed within 90 days of opening)
Collection Items:
     •Domestic Checks
     •Foreign Check*
     •Bond Coupons Redemption )
$20 (each)
Insufficient Funds $30 (each)
Overdraft Protection per transfer $5
     •Statement balancing, per hour        (minimum 1 hr)
     •Account Research, per hour $20
     •Check Copies, each $2

Stop Payments $30
Wire Transfers:
     •International, Incoming/Outgoing*
ATM terminal fee for Non-FCB customer $2.00 (each)
Check Orders Varies depending on quantity and style of checks ordered
Daily Activity Print-out, each $2
Dormant/Inactive Account $5 per month, up to 12 months
Facsimile Services, per page $2
Foreign Currency, per order * $20
Interim or Duplicate Statement, each $3
Levy/Garnishment Research and copy fees plus $40
Official Checks : (each)
Photocopies, per page $1
Replace Loan Coupon Book, each $10
Returned Deposited Items, each $5
Safe Deposit Box:
     •Annual Rental Fee
     •Drill Fee
     •Late Fee (past due 30 days or more)
     •Lost Key Replacement, each
Refer to Other Services Page
Vendor Drill costs plus $25
Vendor cost plus $10
Telephone Funds Transfer at teller or customer service, each $2
Travelers Cheques 1.5% of amount purchased

Checks will be paid in check number order.

*could be subject to exchange rate



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